Honey! As the name strikes, an image of something sweet and tasty pop-up in our mind. Since ages it has been used by different cultures around the world in a variety of cuisines and traditional medicines. But what is it that makes this sweet food so popular? Most likely it is the sweet taste and the easiness with which honey can be consumed. You can either take it directly, mix it with warm water, spread it on a toast or paratha like that of a jam or add it to a drink instead of using sugar. Being great in taste and loaded with a number of health benefits it is savored by all. Here have a Look what it has in store to offer for your health…..

  • Instant Energy Booster

Honey is a rich source of carbohydrates that can be readily converted into glucose, providing your body with an instant boost of energy. So instead of searching out for a can of energy drink in the morning, start your day by sipping honey mixed with warm water.

  • Acts As A Remedy For Cancer

Many studies have shown that honey is blessed with anti-tumor and cancer preventing properties. It is an excellent chemotherapeutic agent in case of breast, liver, lung and correctable cancer where it prevents progression of cancerous cells.

  • Melt Away Belly Fat

Though it is rich in carbohydrates, when consumed with warm water, it results in digestion of stored fats within the body. Thus, if you are trying out to lose some inches from your waistline, don’t forget to have a glass of honey with warm water.

  • Strengthens Natural immunity

It is loaded with phytonutrients, which stimulates production of antibodies. It thus helps in keeping you away from various infectious diseases by boosting the natural immune system.

  • An Effective Cure For Sleeplessness

Lack of sleep leads to a number of health issues. To avoid becoming a victim of bad body, try a well-known milk and honey remedy. It has been proved that honey ensures sound sleep with its sleep-inducing properties and facilitating the action of tryptophan, an amino acid found in milk.

  • Prevents Aging

Honey is supposed to eradicate free radicals out the body. It thus prevents the body from experiencing excessive oxidative stress, which otherwise leads to aging.

  • Provides Relief from Sore Throat

Honey is considered to be enriched with antibacterial properties. Being sticky in nature, it coats the throat and soothes it. Also, it kills the bacteria that resulted in the infection and triggers the nerves to reduce the sensitivity to cough impulse.

  • Heals Wounds

Honey has been having antiseptic and antibacterial actions, inhibits growth of bacteria around a wound and promotes healing. It is thus widely used as a natural cure to soothe mouth ulcers and fasten the process of wound healing.

  • Cures Hangover

Honey is known to be an effective measure to cure hangover. It is gentle on the stomach and combats effects of consuming alcohol by promoting its oxidative reduction by the liver.

  • Aids In Healthy Digestion

Being rich in probiotics, it flourishes the natural bacterial fauna of the digestive tract and thus helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.

  • Effective For Cuts And Burns

Since ages, the use of honey in curing burns has been well known. It gives relief from the burning sensation and fastens the healing process. It has been proved to treat 1st and 2nd degree burns with effectiveness.