What is pinterest?

It can be quite like a battle to grow your company (business), with different promotion projects pushing you in several ways. From SEO, forum posting, paid advertisement, and email marketing to social networking and events in your area, there is always something to consider.

To keep your company going in the positive or upward direction, there are methods to stand in internet world like a king by utilizing all the new types of opportunities that have come to light over the last few years.

And one of the best opportunity in those are pinterest

The below simple tutorial will show you how you can you use these social networking like a bomb to get more traffic as well as sales through pinterest marketing.

10 Ways to Get Traffic Through Pinterest:

1- Best Time To Pin

Post your pin during the Pinterest optimum utilization time (peak usage hours), which are Monday through Friday from 6 p.m. – 10 p.m. EST, in all Saturdays is the best day to pin.

2- Promote Your Pin Through Social Media:

Experts suggested to connect your Pinterest account with other social media websites like Tweeter account and Facebook. This will allow to carry attention to your Pinterest board and improve the chances for connections.

3- Add a “Pin It” Button  to your Website

If your material is easily sharable, people will love that. So add “Pin It” button to the material on your website, such as below on every post, left sidebar, and landing page and even with products you are selling.

4- Create great Contents

Great and quality contents are actually playing a key role in massive website traffic, if your contents are good with quality wise, more people will love to Repin that, and so you will get a good traffic from pinterest as well as other social media. DIY and Recipe pin are receiving more than 42 % higher Repin rate, so create more quality content that compel, obliges and help people.

5- Speak to a Particular Demographic

Pinterest has an exclusive and devoted market. About 80% of the social network’s users are women, and 50% have children. Moreover, 80% of the customers are over the age of 25, and 28% make a yearly wage of over Million Dollars.

6- Host a Contest

Hosting a competition is a fantastic way to keep your users linked and engaged. Some ways to do this consist of picture competitions, caption competitions, video competitions, enter-to-win competitions, as well as others.

7- Track Your Success

By monitoring your achievements on Pinterest, you can keep doing what performs, and modify the things that do not work.

8- Create a Video Gallery

Make sure it’s that the video you publish are not just about your company or business, but appropriate and quality video that your fan platform will appreciate and find useful.

9- Make Several Boards

You’ll want to develop more boards that not only enhance or promote your products, but boards that also enhance the way of life your product symbolizes.

10- Utilize your Pin Information Place, links and Hashtags

The description area is useful for including exact keywords and comments on the picture that is being pinned. You can add hashtags to help user to discover your pin, and the pin itself will be a backlink to the unique resource.

We will highly appreciate your comment according to your experience, which will give us an idea how we are writing, either we are working on the right path, or just wasting our as well as our loyal reader’s time.