You have decided to leave the world of iPhone to embrace the happy universe of Android, but now a question is needed: how to recover your data? It is possible to transfer the data from iPhone to Android smartphone. Here’s how to proceed.


This is the first requirement to sync a lot of data. Unfortunately, there is no truly reliable solution to make all the change at one time. Some manufacturers offer a relatively intuitive assistant (Smart Switch for Samsung, Xperia Transfer for Sony) but you should know that the features specific to Apple will not be able to go under Android. As a result, data saved on Apple’s cloud cannot be retrieved from the cloud.

This being clear, the first step is to sync as much as you can with your Google Account. In other words, add to your iPhone the Google/Gmail account that is associated with your Android smartphone, and then synchronize everything that interests you (including contacts). All of these will now be associated with your Google Account and will be accessible from Android. Of course, make sure that sync is turned on, on your Android device so that it can recover data.

Solution 1: Transfer the data from iPhone to android file transfer via vCard

For this you need to export your contacts as a vCard. For that, go to, and access your iCloud account. By default, your contacts are synchronized. If this isn’t the case, go to settings “synchronize contacts”. Afterwards, on iCloud, go to contacts, click on the little cog in the parameters, there you’ll find the export vCard option, click on it and select all your contacts.

Now that you have your data on vCard, to use it on your Android smartphone you must transfer the file to your Android. To do that Go to your phone contacts then Settings, from there, there is a tab “import/export your contacts”, click on it. You then have the option to choose “import via vCard”, click on it and let the import, here you have all your contacts.

Solution 2: Transfer the data from iPhone to android file transfer via the iCloud

Google Drive is an Android application and lets you get 15GB of free storage space. The good news is that you can access Google Drive from your iPhone too. So you just need to install the application and send all the files from your smartphone that you want to recover. Whatever the file, it can be uploaded. Of course, depending on the size and nature of the file, the loading time can be relatively long, but it is still the simplest solution. Attention, you need a good WiFi connection because if you use mobile data the operation will consume much of your data.

Solution 3: Transfer the data from iPhone to android file in An old-fashioned file transfer

If you decide not to go via the cloud, you can go through a computer that will act as an intermediary between your two devices. In other words, you need to transfer all your files to your computer (via the Import images and videos command by right-clicking on the device). Once this is present on your hard drive, you will only have to place them on your Android smartphone by simply copy and paste. To do this, simply plug in your Android device and go to the DCIM directory.

Note that: if you have documents saved on iCloud, regardless of their nature, you can save them to your hard drive and then transfer them to your Android device.