This is the great question that why people are not become a good writer, as they wish but they must not full fill it. As I am a good article writer so I have many reasons that why people not become a good writer? Instead of all facilities they not succeed. Let me elaborate that what is the writing?

What is writing?

Writing is another name of thoughts and ideas which we will elaborate with many interesting ways, so that readers are attract their self. They are obliged to read our contents. My opinion is this, which it is an art through which you have to explaining yourself.

What is the difference between good and simple writer?

Good writer always convey his views, sharing ideas and experience as well. But a simple writer is just get instruction and do work, writing is not its aim, he just get writing as a profession. Many people want to get such profession; they want to become a writer. They have aim as well, instead of all things they fail why? Let me tell you its reasons.

Consider aim

You have to consider writing your aim, when you are considering anything to aim of your life then it is so easy for you, and you get success easily, if you want to become a writer as it is a good profession, then it is hard for you.

Grammar mistakes

If you are not good in grammar then you are not a good writer, many people have not good base as earlier, so that they are week in English, they are not fluent in English, such people must make good their English after that they will be get seat in such field. You have to avoid grammar mistakes, as not considering those people a good writer, which are not perfect in English.


No need that you just wish to become a writer and you will. You have to measure your skills, you just find you have such skills or not, if you have then must polish such skills, you get trained and make yourself perfect. If you can write anything it doesn’t mean that you are a good writer, so that it depends on your skills as well.

When you have to adopt all things, you must become a good writer, such all tips are so useful to make a good writer. You just fallow them and avoid all things which are not good for you. you have to be a good writer one day.