If you are a freelancer/small business owner who send large files regularly over the internet, chances are you will need to break down the files into several batches when sending it through email because of the attachment limit. However, if you are one of them who were frustrated by the annoying process of sending large files over e-mail and FTP, then you should give free file sharing websites sites a try. These file sharing websites provide the opportunity to users to upload their documents into their sites where they will store it securely and co-workers can download it by just a click of a button, which is more hassle free and faster than any other alternatives.

Free File Sharing Websites:

Here are the best free file sharing websites you can use.



(Plan: Free – $0 with 10GB)

(Pro for 1 user 1000 GB – $7.50/month Billed Annually or $10 month-to-month)

(Business for 100 users up to 100 TB – $80/month billed quarterly or $100 month-to-month)

Mediafire has long be considered as one of the top player in the industry. It is ranked Top 100 amongst Alexa and Doubleclick, while garnering positive reviews of top tech blogs such as TechCrunch and PCWorld. With each free account, customers may create an unlimited number of “seats” which can be assigned to individuals in an organization. Every seat gets the same amount of bandwidth, domain and customization settings. For larger organization, this is an effective way to lower the cost as staffs don’t need to apply for a new account to download the contents. There aren’t any restrictions on how many files you can download simultaneously, nor are there any limit on how many files you can store.


(Basic Plan : Free – $0)

(Pro Base 12 Months @ $89,  6 Months @ $49, 1 Month @ $9)

(Pro Plus 12 Months @ $199, 6 Months @ $109, 1 Month @ $19)

(Business 12 Months @ $402, 6 Months @ $219, 1 Month @ $39)

Sendspace allows registered users with free membership to upload up to 300MB of content, which users have the ability to download 300MB an hour for those with very fast connection. In order to subsidize the premium service, the free download page will include advertisements. Only PRO member will not see the advertisement.

User with free account gets to send files without registering. Unless you receive an email notification that the file has been downloaded, you will not be informed. Meanwhile, those who are registered can edit file info and get download links later. Max points can be earned by uploading files, and can later be converted to a free premium account.

Keep And Share


( 1-User Basic Lifetime Free)

(1-User Solo – $9/month)

(Multi-User Team – Different plans for 3,10,20,35,50 User Team)
With Keep and Share, users get to share files online privately with colleagues, anytime and anywhere. By default all files privacy are set as ‘private’, however users may mark a file as ‘public’ to be easily shared with everyone. In case you have deleted a file, you can upload the same file and the url remains the same, so you don’t have to send a new one to keep the others updated. One thing that other free services don’t offered is the ability to view those who have downloaded detailed history log of exactly when users uploaded, viewed, edited or downloaded each file.



(1 Month Plan – $9.95/month)

(3 Months – $7.98/month)

(6 Months – $7.16/month)

(1 Year – $6.50/month)
4Shared is another site which allows user to upload files for free. They support all sorts of file formats, as long as it doesn’t breach their terms and conditions. The space limit is 10 GB per account, and each file has a 2048 MB size limitation. In case your document is larger than the size specified, you can break it down into several files and use the multi-upload feature. They also offer subdomain, which makes the url easier to memorize.

Want to upload your files even faster? You can download the 4Shared Desktop and upload hundreds of files simultaneously. With the desktop version users don’t have to worry about interrupted connections, as the upload can be continued even though it stopped halfway during the uploading process. If you wish to synchronize the files with your mobile phones, iPads or any electronic devices, you can download another app titled 4Sync which gives you the access to those files from any location.



(Yearly Basic : Basic – $0)

(Yearly Plus – $9.99/month)

(Yearly Family – $16.99/month)

(Monthly Basic : Basic – $0)

(Monthly Plus – $11.99/month)

(Monthly Family – $19.99/month)

Dropbox is designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. Any files saved on Dropbox are automatically sync with other devices with Dropbox installed on them. Users will receive 2GB of Dropbox free of charge, and subscriptions up to 100GB are available. Additionally, it supports multiple platforms and devices, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry. What I like about this service is that you will be given a ‘Dropbox Folder’ when you first installed the program, and it will transfer just the parts of a file that change and not the whole document, which saves up a lot of time from the users end. In case you accidentally deleted a folder, don’t fret as there is a month history of work and you can easily recover the deleted files.